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How does AnalyzerPro
Identify Compounds?

How Does AnalyzerPro



AnalyzerPro® from SpectralWorks : Data Mining Software for Mass Spectrometry

A Fast and Accurate Means to Identify Target Components in Complex Mixtures

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Select the Number of Masses for ID
Select the minimum number of matching m/z that qualifies as a match to your target component. Compare the extracted spectra against the raw spectra to ensure the identification parameters are accurate.

Works with any Resolution
Any time resolved mass spectrometry data, whether it is exact mass or nominal mass, can benefit from the capabilities of AnalyzerPro. Proprietary algorithms "see" under low resolution chromatography peaks to find the masses present.

Identify with the NIST Mass Spectral Library or User Generated Target Component List
Universally accepted as the most trusted mass spectral library for GC/MS, the NIST Mass Spectral Library is seamlessly integrated with AnalyzerPro for qualitative mass spec identification. The NIST Library's potential as a database for LC/MS is growing; LC/MS mass spec data may also be very easily interpreted via user built target component libraries.

Verify Target Component Identity with Chromatographic Retention Time
Congeners that have similar spectra can be identified by applying the chromatographic retention time as an identification factor.

Visually Observe Identified, Unidentified, and Absent Target Components
Often it is just as important in complex mixture analysis by mass spectrometry whether the target compound is absent, or whether there are compounds present that are not target components. AnalyzerPro displays known target component spectra in green, non-target components as blue, and absent target component spectra in red.

Matrix Compensation
AnalyzerPro solves that age old dilemma. With the MatrixAnalyzer®plug in, matrix differences between standards and actual samples are calculated to further refine accurate identification of target components in complex mixtures.