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Features and Benefits

How does AnalyzerPro
Identify Compounds?

How Does AnalyzerPro



AnalyzerPro® from SpectralWorks : Data Mining Software for Mass Spectrometry

Quantitative analysis of mass spec with AnalyzerPro

A Fast and Accurate Means to Measure Target Components in Complex Mixtures

Click here to download a short presentation on quantitation with AnalyzerPro, including screen captures.

Intuitive User Interface
New users can utilize the power and flexibility of AnalyzerPro quickly and easily

External & Internal Standards Supported
With internal standard calibration, the choices are many. Select the quantitation ion, the curve fit, perform automatic ion rato confirmation, and select appropriate QC standards for each component.

Interactive Unknown Spectrum

Flexible Reports

Shown above is a report of unknowns, identified and quantitated by AnalyzerPro. By clicking on the component line on the front, the baseline assignment and calibration curve for that component are displayed.